Five reasons to use dedicated cycling mapping

Why are dedicated tools for cyclists so handy?

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Whether commuting, training or leisure, everyone will agree that the best way to enjoy travelling by bike is to plan ahead, and using a dedicated interactive cycling map will take the hard work out of route planning, to ensure every ride is as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Dedicated to meeting your specific cycling needs, Bikemap is the perfect ride companion when it comes to navigating by bike.

Optimize for your bike type

A quick road commute one day, a gravel ride the next. Bikemap comes with a range of options to select from, allowing you to find or create a bespoke route depending on your cycling needs. Choose from ‘Balanced’ for rides that use cycle paths & avoid hills, ‘Fastest’ for the quickest way to reach your end destination, ‘Road Bike’ to keep on the tarmac and off gravel, or ‘MTB’ to include hilly and unpaved sections to generate a map for the perfect journey.

No connection? No problem!

Offline navigation allows you to save routes and ride anywhere without Internet connection. Not only does this help save precious battery life, it also makes getting lost in remote areas without reception a thing of the past. Taking your bike abroad? No problem, this feature also avoids any international roaming charges, which can be an unexpected expense at the end of a cycling holiday.

Devil’s in the detail

Plan you route in precise detail and preview the elevation in 3D to prevent nasty mid-ride surprises. The clear high quality mapping software of Bikemap is 100% cycling focused, so is quick, easy to use, edit and save. You can even export your map as a GPX/KML file to use on any bike GPS computer.

Alternatively, use the Bikemap app to benefit from additional features such as Dark Mode, for low light environments, making map reading easier on the eyes, and hands-free Siri Shortcuts, for verbal mapping requests and information. The app even comes with a location sharing feature, to let your riding buddies know where you are.

Cycling Specific POIs

Easily find and navigate to the nearest public bike pump, e-bike charging spot, repair shop, drinking water point, and other cycling specific points of interest when in the city or off the beaten track.

A real-time reporting feature will also be available this summer, which enables cyclists worldwide to add and view obstacles, hazards and more on the map. Everything from construction sites, traffic, splinters, potholes, fallen trees and anything else you need to know when behind the handlebars, can be reported to Bikemap with one tap. Stay up to date and keep fellow cyclists informed by adding reports to Bikemap with just one tap..

Keep track of your rides

Make collections and store cycling adventures by recording your rides. An overview of your statistics for tracked routes let’s you see fitness improvements without competition, and even lets you easily share your special routes with cycling buddies, friends and family.

Uploading your ride also means other Bikemap community members can experience your favourite journeys, helping them to avoid heavy traffic, experience the scenic route, or even work out the quickest way from A to B without having to plot the ride themselves.

Discover your surroundings

Generated by over 3million users in over 100 countries, Bikemap is like having a local bike guide at your fingertips. Discover more than 5.7M unique cycling routes, covering more than 460million kilometres of cycling specific routes, means you can be sure to find new routes almost anywhere in the world.

Select a ride based on ascent, round-trip, distance, bike type, surface, location and many more filters to find your perfect trip and get inspired for your next ride.

More about Bikemap

Bikemap is free to download on iOS and Android and gets you access to planning, tracking and navigation features at no cost. Bikemap Premium memberships start from £2.40 / month, or just £89 for a lifetime and unlock additional features. Free trial to try out is offered!

Founded in 2015, Bikemap was created by a team of passionate Austrian cyclists with the goal of sharing the best cycling routes around the world. Thanks to an incredibly active Bikemap community and constant product development, millions of cyclists can now find the most suitable route for training, touring and commuting anywhere and at anytime.

By joining the Bikemap cycling community you can help enrich the map quality and collection of routes even more, with details of your favorite rides and places of interest helping to inspire even more people on to their bikes. Head to for everything you need to know, including how to join and experience a new cycling adventure today.

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