Getting a comfortable and solid shoe/pedal interface just got a whole lot easier with the launch of Shimano?s Custom Fit shoe range.

Along with the full carbon sole, 18mm wide ratchet, and anti-bacterial, heat formable insole, the top-line shoes use three pieces of thermo-form plastic between the synthetic leather outer and one-way knap lining: a mouldable heel cup, a large, almost triangular piece across the bridge of the foot, and a long, thin strip running from beneath the strap to just past the last knuckle on the little toe.

First shoes are heated to 130 degrees in a special oven, the foot inserted and foot and shoe placed in a special sealed bag. A vacuum pump is attached and the process of sucking air from the bag conforms the shoe to every little lump and bump on your foot. This should mean you no longer have to constrict your feet with super-tight straps to prevent unwanted movement.

Initial impressions are positive and we?ll have a full test within the month.

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Models available: SH-R300 and SH-M300 in sizes: 39-48 (wide fit E in sizes 42-46).

Priced at £180 per pair.