Tech of the week: New Zipp wheels, Shimano’s power meter and why you must have more than one bike

All the top tech from the last week, including new Humpback Whale wheels, a retail date for Shimano's long awaited power meter and much more

New Zipp 858 NSW wheels

The Zipp 858 NSW wheels were launched this week and retain that Humpback Whale inspired look that made a splash late last year.

The depth varies from 77mm to 82mm and the Sawtooth design supposedly helps with the wheels aerodynamics, as well as stability in cross winds. The new wheels come in both rim brake guise (equipped with Zipp’s Showstopper braking technology), and disc versions too.

Finally, the wheels will dive into the market at the eye watering price of £3370. Deep breaths everyone…

Shimano’s power meter to hit the market

shimano dura-ace r9100 crankset with power meter

At long last, Shimano is sending its power meter to market, with the training tool hitting the shelves in November.

The power meter has +/- 2% accuracy, and is dual sided for more accurate left and right power readings.

Apparently, it’ll cost £1,299 for the crankset version, but it can also be bought as just the arms, but there’s no price for that as of yet. Either way, it’s starting to be an expensive week in tech town…

Why you must absolutely have multiple bikes

Raleigh Chopper: 1970 classic

It’s a matter of fact that we all need multiple bikes. Your best bike, your winter bike, your bike for when your winter bike is grubby, your track bike, cross bike… the list goes on.

Now though, we’ve created the perfect list of excuses for why you simply must have so many.

Winter cycling kit buying guide

We’ve put together the definitive list of winter kit, that’ll keep you snug and warm on the bike this winter.

It can be a bit bewildering, with so many layers doing various different things so check out our Winter cycling buyer’s guide for the best top tips. You can also see a list of the best winter cycling shoes, too.

Condor’s amazing custom paint jobs

Only two bikes like it

Condor has partnered with Blaze bike lights to create two custom painted bikes for the victors of the Rapha Nocturne.

Naturally, Condor wanted to involve London, and the results are two frames designed with staggering illustrations of famous sites around the capital city.

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