Tour de France 2010: Stage 18 preview

Date: Friday, July 23 2010
From/to: Salies-de-Béarn to Bordeaux
Distance: 198km
Type: Flat

Tour de France 2010, profile, stage 18

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Tour de France 2010, map, stage 18

Start town: Salies-de-Béarn
Salies-de-Béarn, located between Pau and Biarritz, owes its reputation to a unique salt water source created by a geological oddity formed 200 million years ago.

Tucked within a loop of the Saleys River, the old quarters of the town surround the Place du Bayaà square like a snail’s shell. The picturesque old houses on stilts with steeply sloping roofs as well as the prestigious town houses dating back to the end of the 19th century recount centuries of an enthralling history, marked by the Black Book of the Corporation des Part-Prenants and the legend of the boar killed by hunters whose corpse was miraculously preserved thanks to the salt contained in the marshes.

A town rich in colourful and festive events, the appeal of Salies-de-Béarn also lies in its gastronomy, the vitality of its hops, the charm of its art boutiques and the drive of its associations. Whether for well-being treatment or fitness breaks, golf, water-sports, walks, fishing or simply a change of scenery, Salies-de-Béarn welcomes you to a wonderful setting boasting quality accommodation. Today, a new stage starts: your dream comes

Finish town: Bordeaux
A city of art, trade and history, Bordeaux is continuing on its path into the future without abandoning its fondness for culture, gastronomy, sport, nature and all that encapsulates good living.

A UNESCO listed world heritage site thanks to its exceptional urban style, the capital of the Aquitaine region features in the leading pack of the most attractive and dynamic French cities. Graced with an important university and research complex, it is developing around an ambitious, sustainable and participative urban project, which is bringing back the pleasure of city living to its inhabitants and putting in place the conditions for new collective economic, social and cultural development.

For its residents or visitors, a unique heritage is there to be discovered, combining classic and modern architecture, well-managed mobility and a significant cultural and sporting scene. A city of festivals, this year Bordeaux will be welcoming the Tour de France for the 80th time – a national record after Paris – to its streets, which promise to be lively thanks to the participation and enthusiasm of Bordeaux’s natives and visitors.

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