Tweets of the week: Geraint Thomas, Phil Gaimon, Tao Geoghegan Hart and more

I know you're going to dig this

Another week, another set of tweets. Rather than rolling around in the sewer that is Twitter, every week we endeavour to sort through the dumpster fire and pull out the smouldering diamonds in the rough.

Twitter’s market valuation is around £50 billion, and seeing as this article is basically Twitter with all the bad bits missing…well, how can you really put a price on that.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my limo. Stationary on the driveway because it’s a lockdown and jail wouldn’t suit someone who evaluates tweets for a living.

1. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

2. If this was the 2020 calendar, then it could have been true

3. Social media abuse is a growing problem online

4. With everything else going on at the moment pancake day really crêped up on us this year

5. This time last year vs. this year

6. While you sleep this is what @NairoInGreen is doing

7. Keep your fingers and toes crossed

8. The Curious Case of Alejandro Valverde

9. They say be careful what you wish for but you don’t expect that to entail a pandemic

10. Actually, there was only really one tweet that mattered this week

We’ll be back in seven day’s time with more pure fuego tweets from the cycling world.