Tweets of the Week: Supertuck special, featuring Thomas De Gendt, Christine Majerus, and Marco Haller

There is one topic that has dominated cycling social media this week

While there has been a lot to talk about in the cycling world this week, including the return of racing with Étoile de Bessèges and the Tour de la Provence, there is one topic that has dominated the conversation on cycling social media.

The UCI’s decision to ban the supertuck and forearm time trial position has caused some major waves amongst the pros, with plenty of riders making fun of the situation.

In this week’s edition of Tweets of the Week we have some more turbo antics, plus some supertuck tributes from the likes of Thomas De Gendt and others.

Here is a selection of our favourite tweets from the last seven days:

1. Anyone else becoming addicted to the turbo during lockdown?

2. When memes and cycling collide – Handforth Parish Council jersey anyone?

3. Majerus checking the specifics with the UCI

4. Any guesses how Thomas is spending lockdown?

5. Marco Haller ensuring he gets the aero advantage, even indoors

6. Thomas De Gendt just being Thomas De Gendt

7. Controversial opinion from the Vini Zabu social media team

8. When the UCI start dictating where you can put your arms…

9. Strava or Tik Tok?

10. We’re not sure what Carthy is up to either, but it’s a great photo

We’ll be back in seven days with more from cycling social media.