UYN’s revolutionary kit: aero, high performance and natural

UYN presents an innovative new cycling kit woven with the latest technology and high-performance fabrics, for the ultimate blend between comfort and sustainability in the new AIRWING shirt and RACEFAST bib shorts.

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Cyclists in search of the latest technology and revolutionary performance material need to look no further than UYN® and their latest cycling kit creations: the Airwing shirt and Racefast bib shorts. In just three years of existence, UYN® – Unleash Your Nature has quickly made a name for itself by applying their most advanced technologies to the cycling field and more. UYN is one of the world’s leading brands in technical underwear for winter sports, and is a sponsor and official supplier of nine national ski teams including Italy, Norway, and Austria.

The latest release from UYN is the revolutionary high-performance cycling kit made with 3D knit technology and an exclusive bio-based yarn called NATEX, derived from castor beans. The Airwing shirt and Racefast bib shorts are designed to ensure maximal freedom of movement, high ventilation, and perfect sweat-wicking in the most extreme performance conditions. Experienced cyclists can try the latest technology from UYN at a reduced cost compared to other high-end cycling clothing brands.

The Airwing shirt and Racefast bib shorts speak for themselves when it comes to comfort and performance functionality. UYN combines style with sustainability to create the ultimate cycling clothing backed by the latest technological research.

NATEX may be the biggest game-changer when it comes to the performance of the Airwing shirt and Racefast bib shorts. The bio-based yarn is derived from castor beans, and dries 50% faster than petroleum-based nylon. NATEX also helps reduce the weight of the garments by 25%, has greater elasticity than nylon, and also has a bacteriostatic effect that minimises the formation of unpleasant odours. Both the Airwing shirt and Racefast bib short are made from 3D knit fabric with a reduced number of seams for superior comfort, greater elasticity, and more breathability compared to conventional woven fabrics.

On top of the collection is the Airwing shirt, which won the Red Dot Award 2021 in Product Design thanks to its incredible features. 3D structures on the shoulders of the Airwing create a golf ball effect which increases aerodynamic efficiency, while Haloflex technology on the inner surface of the Airwing creates climate cells that retain air, or a layer of insulation between the fabric and the rider’s skin. Air is nature’s most powerful insulator, and Haloflex technology helps regulate the rider’s body temperature by preventing overheating or cooling down during high-performance efforts.

Woven into the Airwing design is Hyermotion, a new technology that completely eliminates seams in the shoulder area, simultaneously creating more support the muscle and posture, while also allowing freedom of movement in the shoulder joint. CeRiSM (the Sport, Mountains, and Health research institute) at Verona University found that Hypermotion construction exerts less pressure on the shoulders, both at rest and during activity.

Cooltune technology built into the chest and underarms of the Airwing allows for more breathability in areas of the body which sweat the most, ultimately dampening the effects of heat and exercise, and allowing for higher performance potential. And if that all wasn’t enough, a micro-holed panel on the back of the Airwing made out of Airpunch technology allows for greater ventilation, as well as offering UV30+ protection against the sun’s rays.

Racefast bib shorts complete the latest UYN collection, offering a collection of technologies as innovative and diverse as its torso-covering counterpart. Made from two different types of fabric, the Racefast bib shorts use hybrid construction, with Lycra for the pad area and inner leg, and 3D knit fabric for the legs and buttocks. The Lycra is resistant to abrasion, making it the tool of choice to protect the areas in contact with the saddle, while the 3D knit fabric helps create an ultra-breathable second skin. The combination of the two fabrics guarantees high comfort and the perfect fit, creating a stretchable bib short that adapts to every movement of the legs without creating limits.

Dynamic Ventcuff technology is a new and innovative piece built in the quadriceps of the bib short. When the quadriceps contracts during the pushing phase of the pedal stroke, the Dynamic Ventcuff weave opens, allowing the passage of air to flow for optimal cooling, while also ensuring an optimal hold thanks to its carefully designed structure.

The Vortex-3D system creates a whirl of air across the skin by using three-dimensional microchannels on the inner surface of the quadriceps, adding to the performance and cooling effect of the rest of the bib short. Finally, the HP110 Pad is anatomically-shaped and connect to the Lycra insert. Engineered for protection and breathability, the HP110 Pad will ensure the most comfortable ride possible, and help the rider achieve maximal performance without worrying about comfort or cooling.

The latest technology from UYN is built for experienced cyclists looking for the best technology in the business, without the biggest price tag. Airwing shirt and Racefast bib short technology is at the forefront of cycling and endurance sport, built by a design team with knowledge and values across discipline and sport. Sustainability and technological development are the core values of the Italian brand UYN, and it’s easy to see why in the game-changing innovation and careful attention to detail interwoven into every piece of the Airwing shirt and Racefast bib shorts.

You can find the UYN kit on their website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at @uyn_sports.

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