Cycling Weekly January 21 issue

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Boris Johnson’s seven-mile ride and the ensuing furore highlighted how the rules on staying local for exercise are not workable for cyclists.

A minister and the head of the Met Police have already said if “you can get there under your own steam” and “if you start and finish at your front door,” then it’s probably OK.

That’s good enough for me, but we’ll never all agree. One reader got in touch to say how disappointed he was with last week’s editorial encouraging people to ride, thus putting strain on the NHS. But exercise is allowed, and if everyone suddenly stopped the long-term consequences would be severe. Cycling is also a cheap, accessible mode of transport for thousands.

Then, after I’d invited CW5000 riders to a meet up on Zwift to complete the January challenge of a two-hour ride, reader Nick emailed to say: “I don’t ride on a turbo – it’s not cycling.” This despite the fact that we’re in lockdown and not allowed to ride in groups.

We will never all agree, and that’s OK. Whatever you do, follow the guidelines as best you can, ride well within your limits, and stay safe.

To revel in the ludicrous nature of it all, turn to page 58 for Dr Hutch’s take on it.

Simon Richardson

Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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