Happy New Year everyone.

As we look ahead to 2021, I can’t help but wonder what the next 12 months has in store for us. Whatever comes our way, our recent 2020 awards issue and video proved there are always reasons to celebrate, even through a pandemic.

Cycling has a habit of coming to the fore in tough times. Not just as a sport, but in terms of its general health and social benefits. I’m confident it will prevail once again in 2021.

Talking of celebrations, this year will be our 130th anniversary. As editor, it’s quite daunting to think back to this time in 1891 when the founders of Cycling, led by the pioneering Edmund ‘Sally’ Dangerfield, would have been preparing to launch the new title with their 24 January issue.

It’s humbling to be playing just a small part in what is an incredible history, and one that we’ll be marking and celebrating throughout the year.

If you’re struggling for motivation, turn to page 24 to see how the CW5000 inspired several thousand people to ride further than before in 2020. We’re doing it again in 2021 – it’s free to enter and I’ll be setting you challenges along the way.

I look forward to seeing how everyone gets on.

Simon Richardson

Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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