Craft Pro ZERO Extreme base layer review

Craft Pro ZERO Extreme base layer
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you buy one base layer, make it this one.

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    Seamless knit

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    Great snug fit

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    Effective moisture transportation

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Base layers are a bit like pants; you always have favourites that you look through the pile to find. Craft’s Pro ZERO Extreme is a recent addition to my kit drawer that’ll be staying right near the top.

The most noticeable feature is its exceptional fit: a seamless knit, for the main body, with a huge amount of elasticity, keeping it permanently in contact with your skin, without feeling in the least bit restrictive. This is exactly what’s needed for the most effective moisture transportation and Craft’s design is superb in this regard.

On a cold day, it feels warm and dry, not cold and clammy. The combination of yarns are very light and thin, which suggests it would be equally good in hot conditions too, although we’ve yet to test this. In the cold the high collar is a comforting feature, keeping out draughts, even with the top of your jersey unzipped.