The Primal Bar review

An ideal energy bar for the stone age cyclist

Taste & texture

The Primal Bar is made up solely of natural ingredients, with five different flavours, including coconut and macadamia, almond cashew and brazil nut and cherry.

The taste is acceptable across all flavour options, while also being quite unique in texture compared to the other energy bars.

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In terms of pure energy bar needs it doesn’t quite hit the mark with a higher fat content present than in other bars — this is primarily due to the nut-based ingredients.

But it also lags behind with some of the lowest carbohydrate levels — around 20 grams per bar depending on which flavour you choose.


As mentioned previously, The Primal Bar is the ideal energy bar solution for those following the paleo diet, as well as perhaps being quite a useful snack bar to keep you going through the day.

But if you aren’t too fussed and are purely looking to replace depleted energy stores on the bike, it may be better to look elsewhere.