Spoon Vars Disc road bike review - custom goodness with a premium price

Custom-made carbon road bike inspired by the Alps and with a lofty price tag to match

Spoon Vars Disc road bike
(Image credit: Myles Warwood)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

It’s almost impossible to put into words what this bike is like to ride; it’s beyond empowering, and on the first little foray out on it, I had to have a good look to see if there was a sneaky rear motor somewhere, it felt that powerful. Everything has been thought about and considered. Even the paint is done by Spoon in house and looks a mile deep in purple with a matte finish, which is apparently lighter than a gloss finish. If I were considering a bike for life, and if I had the money, it would go straight on a Vars Disc, no questions asked.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Custom geometry and spec

  • +

    Sublime ride

  • +

    Lovely (and lightweight, apparently) paint

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The price, obviously

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There’s something  rather obvious but worth remembering about custom-built bikes, and it’s simple: the bike is unique to you. It's a purchase that you may envisage lasting for the rest of your riding time. 

Done right, a custom bike will likely make you fall in love with riding all over again, making you feel connected to your bike in a new way.

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Myles Warwood is a cycling journalist, automotive journalist and videographer. He writes for Cycling Weekly, Cyclist and Car magazine.