Changing gear with the flick of a Blip. Testing SRAM's wireless gear changers

Weighing just a few grams and with the potential to be mounted (almost) anywhere, are SRAM's Blips a worthwhile accessory to any bike or just for TT riders?

Image shows the SRAM eTap AXS Wireless Blip
(Image credit: Future)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Being able to change gear from anywhere on your handlebars might seem like a luxury for some, while for others it could be central to their performance. SRAM’s wireless Blips allow you to connect to any AXS mechs and functions can be adapted via the app, if you can get it to connect. Lightweight and with easy initial setup they’re perfect for a TT bike but tricky to neatly tape over due to their flat shape.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Nice clicking motion

  • +

    Can be placed anywhere

  • +

    Easy initial set up

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Protrude from bars

  • -

    Not easy to tape over neatly

  • -


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Launched early in 2022, SRAM's eTap AXS Wireless Blips allow a rider to change gear from any position on their bike. Designed to go with their plastic clip-in brackets which themselves clip to the handlebars they could theoretically be placed anywhere on your bike. Each one can then be programmed via the AXS app to change up or down gears on either front or rear mech. Although the app isn't necessary for initial setup.

Ideal for time trialling, as they can be placed exactly where your hands sit requiring minimal movement to change gear, they could also be placed on the tops for long mountain climbs or gravel riding or down on the hoods for sprinting. Weighing in at just six grams (plus an extra gram for the brackets) they’re light enough to keep even the most ardent weight weeny happy. 

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