Camden X KPP Cycling Edition watch review

In an era of 'smart' watches it is nice to take a break and look at something more stylish when cycling and the Camden X KPP Cycling Edition watch does just that

Camden X KPP Cycling Edition watch
Cycling Weekly Verdict

What can I say? It reliably tells the time, looks good, and doesn’t harangue me about exercise I haven’t done. Yes, I love this watch for what it doesn’t do. In an era when ‘smart’ marketing has decided that all things should do all things, it’s no small relief to have something doing just the one thing, beautifully and dependably — like that trusty steel-framed bike you wish you’d never sold.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stylish, subtle cycling-themed design

  • +

    Water-resistant to 50m

  • +

    Robust leather strap, plus interchangeable nylon strap

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No date display

  • -

    Slightly too chunky (and delicate) for safe riding use

  • -

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I knew it was time for a change when my Garmin smartwatch started nagging me. One sunny afternoon in an otherwise serene beer garden, as I eased another pint towards my mouth, the GPS’s stern digital face reprimanded me: "MOVE, DAVID". Apparently I’d not "met my step goals" nor completed "three afternoon tasks". Whatever.

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