Crono Futura cycling shoes review

With two widths available, getting a good fit should be straight forward. Dan Baines tested the Crono Futura shoes.

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Solid performance and some good fitting features.

  • +

    Stiff sole

  • +

    Heel cup held foot firmly in place

  • +

    Two widths available

  • -

    Pressure around the ball of the foot

Crono has been making shoes in Italy for 40 years for some of the world’s leading brands. The Crono Futura cycling shoes come in two widths, so getting a good fit with the Futura is straightforward. This is also helped by having a slightly offset footbed and supportive arch, which makes the shoes a great shape for the majority of the population. As a result my knees tracked on a straighter line than with many shoes I’ve tried.

The 3mm carbon sole wouldn’t budge when I tried to twist it; in fact during use the shoes were so stiff that they gave the impression that there’s a lack of footbed padding. However, it’s comparative to other shoes at this price point.

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Despite the stiff soles, discomfort from road vibration wasn’t a big issue. I was aware, though, of pressure around the ball of the foot, but with the extra width, some pain-relieving movement can still occur. The heel cup gave good support and held the foot firmly in place, as did the top of the shoe, aided by a memory foam tongue.

The Futuras provide a very direct interface between you and the bike, giving a positive, solid platform from which to push against.

For more details visit the Crono website.