Mavic Cosmic shoes review

Mavic’s new Cosmic shoes benefit from trickle-down from the brand’s high end footwear

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Mavic Cosmic shoes provide a comfortable fit, with the close fitting upper helping to promote good power transfer through the composite sole, supporting the foot well. There’s a bit of stardust rubbed off from the brand’s premium footwear.

  • +

    Adequately stiff for good power transfer

  • +

    Long Velcro straps for a firm hold

  • +

    Good power transfer with a close fit and heel cup

  • +


  • +

  • -

    Come up quite close – you may need to size up

  • -

    White shows the dirt

  • -

Mavic’s shoes are worn by the pros as well as by you and me. At £900, its top end Comete Ultimate shoes are something of an extravagance, but the new Cosmic shoes provide the brand’s tech at a more reasonable pricetag.

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As is often the case at this price, you get three Velcro closures rather than a dial or a ratchet. The straps are long enough to give a secure hold, wrapping well over the forefoot. There’s also a variant of the Mavic Cosmic with a single Boa dial priced at £115.

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Mavic says that it has adjusted the volume of the Cosmic shoe compared to its other models. I was OK in my normal 8.5, although it was quite a close fit, although the toe box is roomy enough that your toes don’t feel crushed. Fortunately, there are sizes and half sizes all the way up from 5.5 to 13, so you can dial in a precise fit. If you want a bit of extra room, it’s probably worth sizing up a half size, as Mavic recommends.

Cosmic shoes

Mavic Cosmic's sole unit is nylon composite, with a stiffness index of 50 (out of 100) on Mavic's own scale

The benefit of the closer fit is that your foot is really well supported by the OrthoLite synthetic microfibre upper, so there’s no slopping around and you get good power transfer. To keep your feel cooler, Mavic laser cuts small vent holes in the uppers, which are breathable, so you don’t get sweaty.

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The heel cup helps to support the foot well too, without discomfort. So although close, the Mavic Cosmic shoes don’t feel restrictive or uncomfortable on longer rides. Mavic makes the Cosmic shoe in white, black and “sulphur spring”, the last a green/yellow and rather more subdued than Mavic’s trademark bright yellow.

The sole unit is a mix of nylon and fibreglass. Mavic rates its energy transfer as 50 on its own stiffness scale. That’s against 100 for its Cosmic SL Ultimate racing shoe. There’s a bit of spring in the sole, if you manhandle it, but it’s stiff enough that there’s no noticeable flex when riding. Mavic’s Ortholite insole helps keep your soles comfortable too.

There are small vents front and rear and the sole takes three bolt cleats only, with a small amount of fore and aft movement for the shoe plate. At under 500g a pair, the Mavic Cosmics are light for a shoe at this price point.