Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes

We've tested the lightweight Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes featuring carbon-fibre in the soles and the uppers as well as plenty of venting.




  • Light for a dial closed shoe
  • Stiff sole and supportive upper
  • Nice and wide


  • Quite hard to get into
  • Yellow shows the dirt

Price as reviewed:


Mavic has quite a range of footwear, most of it in its Endurance range, although the Cosmic Ultimate is classified as Fast and Light. It is the brand’s lightest offering, with Mavic also selling the CXR Ultimate which is essentially the same shoe but with a zip-up shell covering.

Uppers close with two Mavic-branded dials

Uppers close with two Mavic-branded dials

At 480g, the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes are amongst the lightest dial adjusted shoes out there and comparable to many laced options. As you’d expect they have a full-carbon sole, although there’s a large central vent in the mid-section and at the toe too and Mavic claims a low stack height. The insole is comfortable and has some support under the instep, so that there’s less chance of discomfort and hot foot when riding.

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The upper is bonded, rather than stitched and includes yet more venting. It’s also made with carbon fibre bands across the foot for extra strength. The heel cup on the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes has plastic reinforcement to keep your heel securely in place. The tongue wraps around, being loose only on one side, again saving weight and is well padded so that you don’t feel the straps.

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Mavic’s Ergo Dial fasteners adjust easily to tighten and loosen the upper and the top dial’s wire can be taken off the strap to make getting the shoe on and off more easy. Despite this, it’s quite a tight fit when putting the shoe on due to the firmness of the upper. This has the bonus though, that once on your foot feels ultra-secure and really does not slip around at all.

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The soles are well-vented

The soles are well-vented

Mavic has a reputation for producing narrow shoes, but despite my forefoot being quite wide I’ve found the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes to be a good fit, with a wide enough sole to provide good support, even if there’s no spare room. They’re available in sizes UK 3.5 to 13 and if you have a really wide foot, Mavic produces a wider Maxi Fit version in all sizes too.

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Uppers feature plenty of venting and carbon fibre reinforcement

Uppers feature plenty of venting and carbon fibre reinforcement

I’ve taken the Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes out on extended rides and although they are close fitting, I’ve found them comfortable for hours. They’re easy to tighten or loosen on the fly and give the feeling of a very secure pedalling interface without any flex. The only down-side is that the Mavic-yellow uppers show the dirt if you’re not riding in dry conditions and are quite hard to keep looking pristine.

For more details visit the Mavic website.


The Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes are high quality lightweight cycling shoe available in a good range of sizes and widths


Sizes Available: 3.5 -13 UK plus Maxi Fit
Weight: 480g