RH+ Olympo Triple Fit sunglasses review

The RH+ Olympo sunglasses give you Italian looks for your summer rides

(Image credit: Cycling Studio)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The RH+ Olympo sunglasses fit well and are comfortable. But the supplied single tint lens really only works in bright sunshine in the UK; the photochromatic version is only £5 more and looks like a better option.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Flashy Italian looks

  • +

    Firm hold

  • +

    Lots of colour options

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Good definition only in strong sun

  • -

    Photochromatic version looks better value

  • -

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The Olympo sunglasses – RH+ calls them sportglasses – are one of quite a range of different styles from the Italian brand, which also makes cycle clothing and helmets.

The Olympo sunglasses have a wrap-around style and there’s good peripheral coverage. They’re not so enclosed that misting is a problem when stopped or going up hills though.

The nosepiece of the Olympo sunglasses is wide, comfortable and easily adjustable. RH+ says that it’s made of an exotic-sounding titanium-beryllium alloy, with a soft rubber coating.


The rubber grips slide back and forth by 6mm for a comfortable fit
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

I found the frame of the Olympo sunglasses quite a tight fit – not uncomfortably so, but enough to ensure that they stay put well and have no tendency to slip down when riding. The sidepieces are chunky looking and the rubber end grips, although soft, grip well. They slide back and forth on the frame by 6mm, so you can adjust their length to suit your head, which is a nice touch.

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You get a large Zerorh+ branding on the sides of the glasses and more branding over the sides of the lenses. Although the latter looks quite large, it’s well enough tucked away at the top side of the lenses not to interfere with your vision.


RH+ makes the Olympo sunglasses with a range of eleven frames colours and several lens options. The £105 version comes with a single grey lens colour with 16% light transmission. This is fairly dark for UK winter conditions; although it’s good for bright sunlight, it lacks a bit of definition under the usual leaden skies and when riding under tree cover.

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An extra £10 buys you mirrored silver or red lenses, while the Olympo Triple Fit Varia sunglasses cost £110 and come with photochromatic grey lenses. These vary between 11% and 34% light transmission, dependent on light conditions. The extra £5 looks like a good investment for the increased flexibility to deal with varying light levels.

Although they don’t come with spare lenses, it’s quite easy to remove the lens and RH+ sells replacement lenses if yours get damaged.

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