Uvex Sportstyle 810 V sunglasses review

We've tested Uvex's photochromatic sunnies through the highlights and lowlights of a British summer.

Uvex Sportstyle 810 V cycling sunglasses
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Uvex Sportstyle 810 V sunglasses are a nice pair of sunnies with quality lenses and a good level of tinting that isn’t too dark to see details, but they have a slightly hard-plastic feel

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    Wide field of view

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    Not too dark to see details

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    Slightly plasticky feel to side arms

When I put the Uvex Sportstyle 810 V sunglasses on indoors, the lenses were pretty colourless and I had the feeling once I set out to ride that they still were. So I took them off to have a look, to find that they’d actually turned quite dark grey. The tinting is subtle enough to not really notice, so it gives a lot of contrast and road detail when out riding, yet it still provides a decent level of protection from bright sun.

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Uvex claims that the Sportstyles cover protection levels against the sun from S0 to S3 (with S0 being effectively clear and S3 being for bright sunlight; S4 is not suitable for driving but good for crossing glaciers). My experience above suggests that this is accurate. There are mirrored photochromatic and non-photochromatic versions as well as these non-mirrored photochromatic ones on test.

Side arms can be cold-moulded to fit

Side arms can be cold-moulded to fit

I’m not normally a fan of full rimmed sunglasses for riding, preferring open sides and bottom for uninterrupted peripheral vision, but the Uvex Sportstyle 810 V sunglasses have sufficiently large lenses and a wrap around style so that I didn’t really notice the frames. And the curvature and lens size means that there’s very little unfiltered light finding its way around the sides.

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Despite the large lenses, I did not find misting a problem. There’s a ventilation slot in the side of each lens and Uvex says that the lenses are anti-fog treated too. The Sportstyles are comfortable to wear for extended periods; they have a wide, rubberised, adjustable nosepiece. The temple grips are rubberised and can be bent to ensure a good fit. The plastic from which the frame and side pieces are made feels a bit unyielding compared to some other makes’, although they are durable and comfortable enough in use.