BBB Innershield gloves review

You can't get many pieces of cycling kit for less than a tenner these days, so what can these BBB Innershield gloves offer up for the price?

Cycling Weekly Verdict

For less than a tenner, it's hard to fault the super-simple BBB Innershield gloves. They're comfortable, warm, and are just as good whether you wear them as intended under heavy duty winter gloves, or on their own on milder days.

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    Very comfortable

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    Good value

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    Can be worn alone or under winter glove

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According to BBB “ceramic powder nano particles incorporated into the fabric of these gloves reflect Far InfraRed (FIR) rays emitted by the body. This improves metabolism and increases blood flow.”

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Now, it’s a little while since I passed my Biology GCSE (I got an A, thank you for asking), so I’m not going to comment on the scientific basis for this claim, but can say with certainty that the BBB Innershield gloves are extremely good gloves whether worn alone or under heavier winter gloves, that have seen a lot of wear already this year, and are only going to see more as winter closes in.

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The seamless construction is really very comfortable and the long cuff helps to keep the cold out when under winter gloves on very cold days. Despite these gloves being one size fits all, the fit is also very good.

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I’ve also been very happy wearing the BBB Innershield gloves alone during early autumn, offering the perfect level of protection for dry, slightly chilly mornings, and stuffing down small enough for when the temperature rises so I could stick them in my pockets after taking them off.

However it’s as inner gloves that these are really designed and they are just as good here. Offering an extra bit of protection for days when the temperature really falls, and even the most heavy duty of winter gloves can’t offer enough warmth. For less than a tenner, it’s hard to complain.

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