Abus Viantor review

With fast and sleek styling the Viantor is more than 'just' Abus' entry level road helmet

abus viantor
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Light, comfortable and good looking, the Abus Viantor is a very good mid priced helmet although the lack of MIPS or other additional safety features might push people towards other helmets

Reasons to buy
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    Colour options

Reasons to avoid
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    Lack of MIPS might put some people off

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The Abus Viantor might sit at the entry point to the German brand's road specific helmet range but benefits from many of the same features as found in its higher priced compatriots.

The Viantor utilises the same in-moulding construction technique that many brands are using on higher priced helmets. This uses heat to bond the hard outer shell with the shock absorbing EPS polystyrene inner structure; creating a stronger, almost one piece helmet with better durability and fewer weak points.

It also has the hard outer shell wrapping around the lower portion of the helmet increasing durability.

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Another clever bit of tech that Abus include with the Viantor is an internal 'roll-cage' called ActiCage, forming a strong skeleton around which the helmet's structure is constructed. This has allowed Abus to reduce the amount of polystyrene required to create a strong structure allowing the Viantor to benefit from some of the largest vents found at this price point.

Resulting in an exemplary level of air flow, keeping the head cool throughout a long ride. The only drawback of this level of ventilation is you might want to wear some head protection during chiller rides.

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The Viantor sits a little lower on the head compared to many other helmets and this extra coverage offers a little more reassurance. It's also a very comfortable environment to place your head, the single piece pad preventing any unwanted pressure and is easy to remove for cleaning.

Abus' retention system is adjustable for cranial coverage and encircles three quarters of the head to hold things securely in place whilst distributing tension comfortably. It's easy to operate and has a larger diameter dial for simple, on-bike adjustments.

The straps are very thin and soft against the skin, offering adjustment around the ear/jawline and a classic quick release clip that is again simple to operate. The shape is a little more localised than something like the Giro Foray suiting a wider range of head shapes. This also leads to the Viantor looking a little more sleek and less cumbersome.

The only thing we could really fault the Viantor is in the lack of additional safety features such as MIPS, something that some riders now look for for added reassurance. The safety level of the Abus Viantor is of course sufficient to pass all requirements so it is certainly still a very safe helmet.

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The Abus Viantor is available in a wide range of colour options including the classy metallic blue that we tested the helmet in. This finish adds a little more class to the Viantor and gives it even more aesthetic appeal.

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