Invani men's slim fit reversible short sleeve jersey review

The reversibility kings are back again with a brilliant summer jersey that keeps you looking fashionable whatever the temperature

Invani reversible short sleeved jersey
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

Stylishness and usefulness drives Invani’s ambitions, and they have delivered again with a summer jersey that offers two strikingly beautiful colour sides in a fit that wouldn’t look out of place on a startline.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great race-fit comfort

  • +

    Reversibility element is expertly done

  • +


  • +

    Six pockets

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Towards the expensive side

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I remember having the reversible England football shirt when I was a kid and wearing it every day just because I thought such a concept was so futuristic and cool that every other kid kicking the ball against the garages would immediately give me more respect.

So when Invani, a growing independent retailer, sent me their reversible jersey, it was a heart-warming reaction that I was still just as impressionable by what is essentially an uncomplicated design: one side one colour, the other side a different one.

The brand aims to offer “unique reversible clothing” in a premium style, and their jersey – blue and gold one side, silver and black the other – is as fashionable as it’s possible to be on two wheels.

Lightweight and breathable, the biggest takeaway from the jersey – regardless of which side you opt for – is that it makes you feel racey, even if you’re just going for a pootle along the road and back. It’s looks fast, it responds to the demands of intense riding with a breeze, and best of all it’s uber-smart.

Invani review

(Image credit: Future)

Invani men's slim fit reversible short sleeve jersey: construction and ride

Like all of Invani’s products, the fabric is carefully picked from luxurious Italian manufacturers, with the jersey being made out of 83 percent polyester and 17 percent elastane. These really are the perfect choice for a fast summer’s jersey: the polyester is quick drying, and even riding in temperatures soaring about 35 degrees, I never once had sweat marks show up on the jersey; the elastane, meanwhile, allows for the jersey to perfectly fit around the body, adapting to the contours of one’s shape. Crucially, it never pulled, never sagged and always looked race-tight.

The reversibility feature is the main draw to all of Invani’s products and it came up trumps here. It is, quite simply, a basic idea done superbly. The best compliment that can be given is that regardless of the side, you never know that the inside of the jersey is a different colour. Reversibility done right. 

As for the jersey’s design, the Invani logo is only prominent on the sleeve and on the pockets. It seems like a missed opportunity to promote the brand more, but equally it keeps the jersey clean and retains its stylish offering.

Invani review

(Image credit: Future)

Invani review

(Image credit: Future)

The sleeves have been cut off harshly which could lead to them riding up the arms, but fortunately this rarely happened. The mesh panelling on the sides is a vital element for hot riding and this enabled increased breathability. The silicone gripper, meanwhile, kept the hem at the waist line in place, meaning that just like the sleeves, they barely ever rode up my back and stayed exactly where they ought to be.

Each side boasts three average-sized pockets that are easy to access and situated in the standard position. There’s enough space to store a long day out’s essentials, including the night’s baguette from the bakery.

After a few months of riding in the jersey in summer heat, the only issue I could find is that the material started to fray in a handful of spots, but I put that down to increased usage of the product rather than the design and quality itself.  

Invani men's slim fit reversible short sleeve jersey: value and conclusion

You’ll be paying a little bit more than average at £85, but in return you’re getting an elegant two-sided jersey that makes you feel as if you’re on a race line.

The jersey is not only a great option for day riding but also for multi-day tours, with the option of changing sides reducing the need to bring more than one jersey with you.

Sizes: XS - XL
Price: £85
Website: -

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