Assos Mille GT winter jacket review

Assos is one of the most technically advanced clothing brands on the market today and its latest winter offering gives all and more to be one of the best winter jackets available today

Assos Mille GT
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Assos has got this jacket right, it looks good, feels premium and takes on much of the typical weather you will face in the winter. Do bare in mind though that due to the lack of bulk, you can get cold quickly if you stop for pre-longed periods.

Reasons to buy
  • +


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  • +

    Wind protection

  • +

    Water Resistance

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Cold initially due to lack of weight

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Assos is renowned for creating high performing cycle clothing that is developed and produced with its own fabrics in its lab and home in Switzerland. One of its latest creations is the Assos Mille GT winter jacket, which is a relatively lightweight number that’ll be worn by me for most if not all of this winter, securing its place in our 2018 Editors Choice awards.

The Mille GT Winter Jacket manages to fend of the worst of the winter weather without the need to dress up like the Michelin Man. It is able to do this with some typical Assos science, thankfully without the confusing names this time.

Its made from a number of panels with the main fabric called NEOS, although supplied in different weights to help balance protection and breathability, but cooling is helped with an RX fabric at the rear. NEOS is a windproof fabric that is a three layer thermo soft-shell construction, which has a bonded PU membrane for added waterproofing.

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NEOS medium is found on the front for enhanced windproofing and waterproofing to help protect the chest and keep the core warm. Then there’s NEOS Light used on the upper sleeves and upper rear around the shoulders and, as the name suggests, is slightly lighter to help breathability, as these areas can be used to help cool you down and don't need to be as protected. Finally, you have the tried-and-tested RX fabric on the back and underarms for extra help with breathability.

Assos Mille GT

Good pocket sizes

I tested the Assos Mille GT winter jacket down to temperatures as low as a chilly 3°C, this jacket, with its minimal bulk and great racy-style fit, protects well. That was with just a mid weight winter base layer. It was a nice feeling commuting to work from Kingston to Farnborough without feeling like I was dressed in all the layers I owned, something I wished I had when I was racing a few years ago. Winter was always an annoying time as I never felt light, fit or a free as I did in the summer, this jacket would have gone some way to help some of those things!

I fond that initially on those chilly mornings I was cold due to the lack of bulk and thermal laying of the Assos Mille GT jacket, but once up to speed no wind chill could get through and it didn't seem to make me a sweaty mess either, once the temperature had risen. I'd say that this jacket is comfortable up to about 10 degrees without building up too much sweat.

Assos Mille GT

A number of fabrics to help balance protection and breathability makes this a great versatile jacket

You'll be protected in showery weather too without the need to add a gilet or lightweight rain cape. Less bulk in the pockets and less to worry about!

A niggling point though, with the Assos Mille GT jacket, is that although it’s available in three colours, they are all predominantly black and I'd like at least one brighter option. Black isn’t the best colour for winter but at least there are some reflectives to help you pop a little in dull light conditions.

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