Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II review

The Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II is very waterproof with a good fit and sits comfortably over lots of layers

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II is waterproof with a good fit (especially on the arms) and it'll accommodate lots of layers underneath. It's a touch let down by its membrane which, while waterproof, isn't as breathable as those of some of Rapha's competitors. 

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very waterproof

  • +


  • +

    Good fit on the arms

  • +

    Easily fits layers underneath

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No vents

  • -

    Membrane not as breathable as competitors'

  • -

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Having tested the Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II in the cold, wet February weather, I could go on about the fact the internal membrane is 2.5 ply thick, or the 3-ply waterproof arms. But it reality, all that matters is that out in the real world this jacket is very waterproof.

Water runs straight off it and there are no weak spots or areas in need of greater support. Tapered seams and a robust water-resistant zip help keep the water out, too.

Its fit has also been tweaked from the first iteration and it's now possible to get the jacket over more layers. On one particularly cold February ride I squeezed it over four other layers, and the offset zip had no issues closing.

Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II

The torso has a good fit and there are nice long arms

It offers this impressively full protection while just being able to squeeze down small enough to live in a back pocket – which is good, because when wearing it over many layers I found the inside got quite damp, and I wouldn't want to spend all day in it. This is due to a distinct lack of vents and the fact that the membrane could be more breathable.

Having particularly long arms I usually suffer from the sleeves pulling up my wrists when bent over the bars. Happily, the Rapha jacket's sleeves are both a good length and elasticated for extra security, meaning they stay in place and fit well with winter gloves.

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My size small jacket had a good length to the torso, with a good cut when in a riding position and bit of a flap to cover your behind. It never felt to tight or restricting, and I found I largely forgot about it when I was wearing it.

The Rapha Classic Rain Jacket II also has a single pocket which would fit a cardholder, keys or multi-tool without issue. However, I'd rather it came with a vent to increase breathability on those warm but wet days.

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