Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey review

We put Alé's top-of-the-range jersey to the test

ale r-ev1 master jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

With a fit that could be better, the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey might not be the most aerodynamic aero jersey around, but it's impressively breathable and has plenty of pocket space, making it an ideal kit choice for all summer rides

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very breathable

  • +

    Good fit on the arms and back

  • +

    Plenty of pocket space

  • +

    Wide choice of sizes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Bit baggy at the front

  • -

    Limited colour options

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The Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey sits at the very top of the Italian company’s range of jerseys, so, as you’d expect, offers good performance and a “Made in Italy” tag to boot.

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This is a jersey that has been made for racing, so as you would expect it is designed to be as sleek and aerodynamic as possible. This is most obvious on the sleeves of the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey which fit really snug, even to my puny arms that have never even been near a dumbbell. The same can also be said of the back of the jersey, with no loose material around the back of the shoulders.

Unfortunately, the fit isn’t quite as good at the front of the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey. I found that there was a bit of loose material hanging down from my chest when crouched low over the bars, and the hem of the jersey by the zip always seemed to fold up for some reason.

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Surprisingly for a piece of aero clothing, I was impressed by the breathability of the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey. Unlike most aero jerseys, the front of this jersey is not completely windproof, and is instead perforated with tiny holes. This might not be great for aerodynamics, but does mean that I’ve really enjoyed wearing this jersey in warm weather, and look forward to continuing to call it into action as the summer progresses.

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The back panel of the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey is made from Alé’s which, according to the company, “protects from the harmful UVA–UVB rays working as an active barrier for long lasting freshness keeping the ideal body temperature. The emission of FIR rays (far infrared) enhances the body’s microcirculatory system and strengthen the metabolic system.” So basically it’s UV-resistant, so no need to apply the sun cream underneath.

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On some aero jerseys the pockets are quite small, but thankfully that’s not the case with the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey. The three open rear pockets are generously enough sized to hold all the provisions you could possibly need for the longest rides. There’s also a zipped security pocket that is sweat-proofed so your phone won’t get wet when you’re working hard.

The simple graphics of the Alé R-Ev1 Master jersey is a little unexpected from a company that has worked with Mario Cipollini and likes nothing more than to cover its kit in bubbles and camouflage. However I actually quite like it, with the simple yellow with orange details adding a bit of colour to the generally black jersey. There could be a few more colour options though, with the only other choice being the same basic black design, but with a white stripe and yellow details.

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The choice of sizes is much better, with everything covered from an XS to a 3XL. And the sizing is normal and consistent too, so you won’t find yourself needing an extra large when you usually wear a small as you sometimes find with some other Italian clothing manufacturers.

For more details visit the Paligap website.

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