Café du Cycliste Suzanne Jersey costing £103

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Score 8


  • Stands out
  • Womens and mens fit
  • Full zipp


  • Baggy


Café du Cycliste Suzanne Jersey

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This product is featured in: Best summer cycling jerseys for 2017.

Café du Cycliste really stands out, and its casual style will take you touring, or just to the pub, in style.

While both are quite a loose cut, the jersey comes in men’s and women’s designs.

It may look casual but it still boasts a full zip, three back pockets — one zipped for valuables — and is made from a quality wicking material.

Other, more 
form-fitting designs are available from 
a massive range of 
30 jerseys.


If super-tight Lycra isn’t your thing or you’re simply looking for a more casual style for the weekend, this is the jersey for you