Chapeau Tempo jersey review

We test Chapeau's entry-level road jersey

chapeau tempo jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Chapeau Tempo jersey is a good choice as a no-fuss jersey to pull out of the wardrobe for an impromptu post-work ride with its relaxed fit and stylish design. However, on longer rides the pockets are prone to sagging when fully loaded.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +


  • +

    Good-sized pockets

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pockets sag when full

  • -

    A bit too loose around the shoulders

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There's nothing too complicated about the Chapeau Tempo jersey, but that's no bad thing really. What you're getting here is a no-fuss jersey that does its job well without the need to be accompanied by paragraphs of marketing spiel.

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I've generally use this jersey in the same way that I have been using the similarly priced dhb Classic short sleeve jersey, i.e. that it's not the sort of jersey that I'd wear for a target event in the height of summer, but it is something that I can pull out of the wardrobe without a second though when heading out for impromptu ride after work.

chapeau tempo jersey logo

Chapeau clothing has a rather stylish logo

The Chapeau Tempo jersey comes in six different designs, three with stripes (as you see here) and three with "Chapeau!" written across the chest. Of the six I think that, the blue and white striped model is probably my favourite, although they all look rather smart and reasonably understated.

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If you're after an aero jersey, then look elsewhere, as the Chapeau Tempo jersey comes with an unashamedly loose and relaxed cut. This is nice and comfortable (and won't make it too obvious if you've had a few too many slices of cafe stop cake) although I did find the backs of the shoulders flapped around a bit in the wind, even compared to other similarly cut jersey. The collar, however, has a much better fit, sitting close and soft against my neck.

chapeau tempo jersey 2

The blue stripe Chapeau Tempo jersey is my personal favourite design

At the back there are three good-sized rear pockets. The middle one is slightly bigger than the outer two, which is a well-thought out feature on a jersey of this sort. This means that you can put bulkier, heavier items in the middle pocket, as if you put them in the side pockets then the jersey can sag to the side. However, unfortunately this is sometimes unavoidable, and at the start of long rides with fully laden pockets, the jersey was still a little prone the sagging. There also isn't a zipped security pocket, which might be a problem for some, but I personally don't have a problem with that.

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Finally, the Chapeau Tempo jersey is available in five different sizes (from S to 2XL), which should be enough to cater for all but the smallest or most rotund riders.

For more details visit the Chapeau website.

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