Rapha Brevet women's long sleeve cycling jersey

Merino wool used to best effect in this comfortable, relaxed fit long sleeved jersey

Rapha Brevet women's long-sleeved jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A warm and cosy layer that will serve you well in autumn and into early winter. A stylish take on visibility, with handy extra pockets. The fit is very relaxed: some will find this overly loose fit, but its nice for long days on the bike when all-out speed isn't the primary goal.

  • +

    Stylish reflective stripes

  • +

    Warm but breathable

  • +

    Extra pockets

  • -

    Very relaxed fit

This jersey offers the technical fabric a rider needs for a very serious outing, but without the restrictive ‘pro fit’ that no one wants to wear for hours on end.

Only when I stopped was I reminded of the then much appreciated radiator-like features.

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Another notable brevet-ready feature is the addition of more than the average number of pockets – three standard at the rear, plus one zipped, and one mesh lined ‘gilet’ zip pocket.

The extra compartments are ideal for long winter rides when you just need to carry more.

The remit then was for a comfortable but performance orientated piece of clothing, and Rapha has certainly delivered.

The ‘Sportwool’ fabric is made up of a merino/polyerster mix – the former of which is known for offering both warmth and breathability, as well as failing to cling on to whiffs as per other fabrics.

Rapha Brevet women's long-sleeved jersey

Rapha Brevet women's long-sleeved jersey

Wearing the jersey at around 10 degrees, initially it felt a tad too warm – but once the wind was rushing past me and the fabric could get to work it breathed well.

The Brevet jersey’s styling is incredibly relaxed. There’s two drawstring pull chords at the sides which can size it down – but I tested a small and had a lot of room to spare. This said, a chilled-out fit is nice over the winter months, and I could layer this up over a short sleeved jersey with ease once temperatures really start to sink.

In a highly effective nod to visibility, there's two reflective chest straps. These come into their own at dusk and dawn, when the audax riders this item was designed for would be setting off and perhaps trundling home. The stripes are subtle in the daytime, but light up under headlights in a perfect style meets practicality merger.

Rapha’s Brevet long sleeved jersey was first tested over a selection of ‘brevet’ rides – ranging from 200 to 600km. The testers had two goals: to develop a new jersey, and to qualify for the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnée.