Rapha Pro Team Aero jersey review

Having spent considerable time being developed in the wind tunnel, the Rapha Pro Team Aero jersey is a highly technical, comfortable piece of kit

Rapha Pro Team Aero Jesey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey is a great fitting, very comfortable and highly technical piece of kit. It's not designed for super hot 30 degree days but perfect in most conditions. It is pricey and the pockets could be bigger, but we still recommend it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Figure-hugging fit

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Size of pockets

  • -


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I don’t really ride that fast anymore. Not through choice, just more through the descent of my overall cycling ability. Still, it’s nice to feel fast even if your Garmin says otherwise, and what better way to get that feeling than wearing something built for speed.

The Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey has been a mainstay of the British brand’s range for some time now, and remains one of its top performers.

It’s built with aerodynamics at the forefront (obviously) and features a smooth front panel with a textured panel on the back - a change on previous iterations. The arms and the top of the back and shoulders feature a dimpled texture, all in place to minimise drag.

Rapha Pro Team Aero Jesey

Minimising drag also means this jersey has to be tight, and it is very figure-hugging. I like that, it’s by far my preference for most types of road riding over a looser fit jersey. This snug fit doesn’t mean it compromises on comfort and you don’t notice the different textured panels against your skin. I take a size large and it fits perfectly for me, with no riding up around the torso which can often be an issue for lighter weight jerseys.

The fit on the arms is also nice and tight, which again means no riding up. This will be a blessing for those with skinnier arms that struggle to find a good fit. The arms are quite long though, sitting just above the elbow. That may not suit everyone and I have found myself rolling them up during the sunnier days to avoid tanning just between my elbow and my hand.

Speaking of sunny days, this jersey isn’t the most ideal during the super-hot days, particularly if you’re going to be out for a long time and riding hard. It’s plenty breathable for almost all occasions but did find on the long rides on 30 degree plus days that a super lightweight jersey would be the better choice.

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The jersey features three rear pockets and one zip pocket for valuables. The three rear pockets aren’t the biggest - you may not be able to carry a whole day’s supplies - but the real joy of them is that they don’t sag at all; my absolute least favourite trait of some jerseys. The zip pocket has been updated with a more robust zip than older iterations and is a useful addition for your valuables you don’t want to risk jumping out of your pocket.

Rapha Pro Team Aero Jesey

Another nice little touch on the aero jersey is the extended placket on the main zip - this a great remedy to a problem I’ve often experienced of the zip damaging the top of the bib shorts but hasn’t happened using the aero jersey as far as I can tell.

At £145 it’s a pretty penny to spend on a jersey and the Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey definitely sits in the higher end in terms of options. It’s a robust and hard-wearing jersey though and is worth the investment if you’re looking for something pro fitting that looks the business too.

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