Santini Vega jersey review

The Santini Vega jersey sets itself apart from its competitors with a water-resistant treatment

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Santini Vega jersey is an excellent choice for autumn or winter riding, and could well let you dispense with the precautionary waterproof that you might otherwise stick in your back pocket at this time of year.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Good water-resistance

  • +

    Nice fit

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Dull design

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Anything north of £100 might seem a little steep for a long sleeve jersey, but the Santini Vega jersey will see an awful lot more use than your standard long sleeve jersey, with a water-resistant coating that will let you wear it in a much wider range of conditions.

At first glance, this jersey looks and feels very similar to many other thermal jerseys on the market, with a fleecy inner in order to provide a bit of warmth in chilly conditions. And this it does very well, with the fleece extending up the neck for a little extra warmth, and nice tight cuffs in order to stop the cold wind blowing up your arms.

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However it’s the Acquazero treatment that is applied to the fabric which really makes the Santini Vega jersey stand out, making it a great choice for early winter and late autumn days where the weather can’t always be relied upon.

It’s really in its element in showers and light rain, with the Santini Vega jersey keeping you dry for a good hour or two in such conditions. In heavier and more persistent rain it won’t last quite as long, but will still manage to keep you warm, which is the most important thing after all.

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These characteristics means that this jersey could well take away the need for a light rain jacket to take on every ride at this time of year.

Finally the jacket offers plenty of storage space in its three rear pockets (even more when you can leave the rain jacket at home), and a good fit with minimal windflap. In fact, the only thing I wasn’t sold on was the design, which might be a little dull with only variations on black available.

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