Sportful Italia CL jersey review

We check out Sportful's homage to the Italian national team

sportful italia cl jersey
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Sportful Italia CL jersey is a very attractive and stylish jersey that will certainly stand out on the group ride. But combined with this it's also one of the comfiest jerseys I've had the pleasure of testing, perfect for chilled out spring and summer rides.

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    Very comfortable

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    Excellent cut

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    A couple of rough details

If you want to bring a bit of Italian flair to your weekend trundle around the lanes, then the Sportful Italia CL jersey could be for you.

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This jersey is a celebration of Sportful’s long term partnership with the Italian national team. The five stars underneath the Sportful logo on the breast are there to signify the four World Championships and one Olympic gold medal that Italian riders have won while wearing Sportful clothing, while all of these wins are listed (in Italian, of course) on the inside of the jersey beneath the pocket.

sportful cl italia jersey logo

There are the colour choices, with the Sportful Italia CL jersey in available in the blue of the Italian national jersey, and then the green, white, and red of the Italian tricolore flag, while the green, white and red zipper and grippers are really nice touches. All in all this is an exceptionally attractive and classy jersey that will really stand out on your group ride.

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Out on the road and things are just as good. The Sportful Italia CL jersey has a slightly looser fit than some of Sportful’s other jerseys, but don’t let that make you think that it’s baggy. There’s a little extra room around you stomach and arms, but the cut is so good that there’s no excess material flapping in the wind around your shoulders.

sportful italia cl jersey italian flag

This comfort is also helped by the use of such a soft material for all parts of this jersey. It’s not quite as stretchy as the fabrics used in most other jersey (something that doesn’t matter given the great fit) but it plays it’s part in what is a very comfortable jersey.

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There are however a couple of small negatives that prevent the Sportful Italia CL jersey from getting full marks. Namely the felt Sportful logos pick up fluff and look a little grubby after a few months use, while the stitching is a little rough on the back of the Italia logo on the chest.

However, these are very small points, and overall this is an exceptionally good jersey.

For more details visit the Sportful website.