The Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL is a very bright and robust light, however it is a bit weighty

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Overall rating:

Score 8

Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL


  • Very bright
  • One button control
  • Unit is waterproof and remains fairly cool


  • Long charge time
  • Heavy


Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL


Price as reviewed:

This product is featured in: Best front bike lights in 2017 for under £100.

With an immense output of 1200 lumens the Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL’s beam is very bright and it has a good spread, but it comes with a weight penalty- 237g on our scales.

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The sturdy looking unit is made from aluminium, keeping the unit cool and waterproof. The included handlebar mount was easy to fit but could be sturdier considering the weight it has to hold.

Using the lamp’s one-button control you can switch between the different modes-  adjusting brightness and, if you want to increase your visibility to other road users, you can opt for one of the two flash modes.

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When using the highest power setting the burn time was close to the claimed 1 hour 45 mins and the still impressive 600-lumen ‘enduro’ mode gave towards 3 hours 15 of light. To help avoid any unfortunate stranded in the dark situations the button lights up green, blue or red to indicate the approximate battery life.

This is a good quality, bright and sturdy light. The only real negatives are the weight and the substantial charge time of towards eight hours.


A very bright and robust light, but it is fairly heavy and takes a while to charge.


Charge time:8 hours
Burn time at max Lumens:1 hour 45 mins
Beam pattern:Spot even focus
Number of modes:6- 4 constant; 2 flash