Exustar E-PR2 pedals review

Normally known for their great value entry level pedals, can the higher end Exustar E-PR2 pedals give the established brands a run for their money?

Exustar E-PR2 pedals
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Exustar E-PR2 pedals are a good alternative to the bigger, more popular pedal brands normally chosen. The lack of a black colour option will certainly put some people off them and it is noticeable how quickly the white body starts to look tatty. However, functionality and reliability is certainly not lacking.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good bearing quality

  • +

    Look compatible cleats

  • +

    Adjustable tension

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    White body scratches easily

  • -

    Heavier than some options

  • -

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Exustar may be a new name to a lot of readers but the company has been steadily building a reputation for providing excellent value clipless pedals. The catchily titled Exustar E-PR2 pedals combine a wide, durable thermoplastic body with a Look Keo compatible cleat.

Upon opening you are given the option of a ‘normal’, 6° float cleat plus a set of fixed position cleats. Straight from the box the Exustar E-PR2 pedals have lovely smooth bearings with not a hint of play or roughness.

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When fitted to the bike they sit proudly nose upwards, giving a large target for the front of the cleat to hit when riding away from the lights. Spring tension is adjustable with a 3mm Allen key and even on its lowest setting, provided your cleats are in good condition, unclipping accidentally whilst riding is almost impossible.

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The Exustar E-PR2 pedals have a chunky, wide body but for some reason didn’t feel as stable as some of the other systems when applying power, almost as if the interface between cleat and pedal was not completely flat. I’m also a little concerned by the longevity of the body material as it lacks a metal shield as typically found on pedals with a thermoplastic construction. Wear could already be noticed after only a few hours of use. The good news is the pedal can be rebuilt easily, so excess wear of the body might not necessitate throwing them away

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The other big sticking point for a lot of riders is they are only available in white. The Exustar E-PR2 pedals started to look rather worn even after the first couple of rides; a black option would be preferable.

As said at the start, Exustar provides both fixed and floating cleats which is a nice touch, although the fact that the majority of riders will never touch the fixed cleats means providing two sets of floating cleats would be a better option. Cleat wear is on par with the proprietary Look KEO version, for most riders this could be up to a year at least (providing you limit the walking!) and the cleats have a grippier compound on the face to reduce the likelihood of slipping over when walking.

For more details visit Exustar.

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