Axiom Annihilateair G200A track pump

A very chunky track pump with a lifetime guarantee




  • Very stable
  • Efficient
  • Robust


  • Expensive

Price as reviewed:


  • Axiom is a Canadian brand with a quiver of well-designed cycling accessories. Indeed, so robust is its gear that it offers a lifetime guarantee on its products. It sells a number of track pumps as well as mini track pumps and hand pumps.

    Axiom Annihilateair G200A track pump

    There doesn’t seem much chance that you will have need of the guarantee with the Annihilateair track pump though. This really is a chunky piece of kit with a huge, stable base which is 32cm wide by 23cm deep and comes with raised pegs, so that there’s no way your feet will slip around when using it.

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    The pump’s pressure gauge too is large with clear graduations and looks as if it will be durable. There is a long hose so that you can reach a bike’s wheels even if it’s raised off the ground in a bike stand.

    The chunky connector has two heads so that it is presta and Schrader valve compatible, with the locking lever selecting between them and there’s a bleed valve built in to let a bit of air out if you have overinflated your tyre.

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    The handle has grippy soft rubber hand grips and is wide and comfortable to use and with its long stroke the pump gets to 100psi in only 20 strokes.

    All this comes at a price though and at £95 it’s an expensive piece of kit, although it’s unlikely that you will need to replace it any time soon.


    An uberpump, but with a pricetag to match


    Height : 74cm
    Stroke : 57cm
    Hose length : 120cm
    Actual pressure at 100psi on gauge: 102psi
    Strokes to 100 psi: 20
    Weight: 1759g

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