Birzman Maha Apogee III track pump review

The Birzman Maha Apogee III is a quality track pump with some clever features

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

A host of clever features make this an outstandingly useable pump

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Snap-on connector is easy to use

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    Long hose

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    Stable base

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Birzman has a knack for taking bog standard bicycle accessories and adding a few design twists which really make a difference to usability. It’s successfully applied this design approach to the Maha Apogee pump, which has a couple of clever features.

Birzman Maha Apogee III track pump

Birzman Maha Apogee III track pump

First is the snap-on connector. Pull back the gold collar, push the connector over the valve and pull the collar back up and the pump is securely attached to a presta valve. If you have a mountain bike it works with Schrader valves and shocks too.

Although not such a problem with a track pump as with a minipump, the ability to attach and detach the pump from the valve quickly and easily is a real boon. There’s a bleed button on the head if you overinflate your tyre.

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The aluminium pump barrel is tilted at five degrees to the base, which leads to a more natural pumping motion. Although for someone of average height it is still quite difficult to use the whole stroke of the pump, this does help.

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The pump’s base is wide and stable and the pump does not wobble around even if held down with only one foot and the wooden handle is a nice touch even if it does not add much to comfort in use. It took 23 strokes to reach 100psi and the pump’s gauge was accurate, with a reading of 100psi equating to 101psi when measured with a dedicated pressure gauge. It’s calibrated up to 220psi if you like a firm ride.

At 126cm the pump’s hose is long enough to reach the valve when a bike is held in a stand and it is secured for transport with a single hook at the base.

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