Hoy Hi Pressure Mini Pump

The Hoy Hi Pressure pump looks pretty and does its job well




  • Long stroke is efficient
  • Built in hose
  • Schrader compatible
  • Comes with Sir Chris's signature


  • Length limits pocketability
  • Quite heavy
  • Fiddly to attach to valve

Price as reviewed:


The hose is concealed in the handle of the Hoy Hi Pressure Mini Pump; remove the covering bung and pull out the hose and it’s ready to use. Having such a long stroke, pumping was a comfortable experience with an easy feel to it. The adaptor is Presta and Schrader compatible.

Screwing the adaptor onto the valve was a bit fiddly, and there was some air loss from the valve when unscrewing it again.

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I had some concerns about the pump’s durability: the cap on the adaptor fell off and was lost and the handle came unscrewed from the barrel with continued use – although it was easy to screw back on again. The painted stripes also rubbed off after a few months’ use. Although none of this affected the pump’s usability, we wondered whether something more critical might fail over a longer period.

Being long, slender and without any rubberised parts, there were also concerns over how well the pump would stay put in a jersey pocket over the rough stuff, although there were no problems with this during the test period. A bottle cage mount is supplied, which seems sturdy enough.


Relaxed pumping in a stylish package


Weight : 115g
Length : 265mm
Pressure after 200m strokes : Mid-80s psi
Contact : www.evanscycles.co.uk