Onix Black RH/Pro review

Onix Black RH/Pro
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you could do a blind test of bikes - imagine the money you'd earn from You've Been Framed clips - and if you could strip the decals off several similarly priced frames with identical finishing kit, you'd have one hell of a bike test. That's clearly ?challenging', but if you used the same wheels and tyres on all the bikes and rode them blind, it's a fair bet that this Onix would be ranked among the top models.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comfortable ride quality

  • +

    Great aesthetics

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not much

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In a world of hyped products and at a time when carbon-fibre frames are pouring out of increasingly efficient Far Eastern factories, it takes a bold individual to start a new bike brand - especially when he's got "zero" experience of the bike trade. But that's Onix major-domo Craig Middleton for you.

Deciding that he had had enough of working in a job that was, for want of any better expression, doing his head in, Middleton founded Onix, driven by passion more than money and enthusiasm more than planning, in 2009. Three years on, the Onix RH Black/Pro represents the pinnacle of the first phase of Onix bikes. With new investment on the way and increasing input from Rob Hayles (the RH in the RH Black), Onix is ready to shout about its products.

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