Storck Aernario Disc G1 review

Lightweight carbon fibre road bike with Shimano Ultegra discs and bolt-through axles

Storck Aernario
Disc G1

Cycling Weekly Verdict

We really like what Storck has done with the Aernario, not just with the original design but more importantly with the bolt-through frame instead of dropouts. We regard this design as the future for bikes with disc brakes. It makes so much sense to spread the load across the bike and, just as importantly, reduce the possibility of brake rub. If there is a criticism, it’s that Storck has had to rely on DT Swiss to come up with the goods for safety, ease of use, etc. But the R23 wheels don’t offer the most exciting of rides, which to my mind holds the bike back a touch, despite the respectable weight, circa 1,500g. But when all is said and done, this package is excellent and has placed Storck at the head of the curve in the rapidly expanding area of road bikes with disc brakes.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Forefront of road bike/disc brake technology

  • +

    Innovative bolt-through axle design

  • +

    Well-rounded frameset gives good ride and handling

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Wheels don't quite match the rest of the package

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With Shimano’s creation of the Ultegra level R785 brakes, discs on road bikes took a giant leap from alternative to mainstream technology. This radical, forward-thinking approach is further evidenced in the Shimano-equipped Storck Aernario road bike. Is the bolt-through frame the future of road bikes?

Storck is one of those brands that helps make the cycling industry interesting. In other sectors, such a brand might struggle, but in cycling, the smaller players are able to create cutting-edge products that give the major manufacturers something to think about. The Aernario is one such product.

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