Wilier Izoard XP review

Wilier Izoard XP
Cycling Weekly Verdict

At the end of the day if you were lashing out £2,000 on the Izoard XP as your only bike then you wouldn't be disappointed. It is not the most comfortable, but you certainly wouldn't have any qualms about doing a long sportive on it (I did a 150-mile charity ride on it). And above all you'd feel proud of it every time you wheeled it out of the front door because it looks good enough to be racked against bikes costing twice the price.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It's a stunning looker

  • +

    Well priced

  • +

    Responds well to hard efforts

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the most comfortable on long rides

  • -

    Wheels not quite up to rest of spec

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Some of you won't even bother to read this review. One look at the photos of the Wilier Izoard XP, resplendent in all its black and fluoro glory, and you will have decided that you absolutely, desperately need it.

Day-glo yellow can have that love-at-first-sight effect on people. No doubt you will already be justifying the expenditure with such terrible excuses as ‘it's so bright I won't need to buy a new set of lights this winter' (you will).

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