Fizik Mistica Saddle review

The Fizik Mistica is the latest stubby saddle intended for time trial use. The shape is designed to relieve perineal pressure when in an aggressive position

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Saddle comfort is subjective, but if you are looking for a TT saddle and get along well with the popular Arione, then the Fizik Mistica is well worth a try. Bike shops often stock trial saddles you can try too. Overall the tacky surface is very good at keeping your posterior in place and the quality of construction is excellent.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Stubby shape reduces pressure in TT position

  • +

    Excellent quality - handmade

  • +

    Tacky surface keeps you in place

  • +

    Looks cool

Reasons to avoid
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The Fizik Mistica is the latest time trial-specific saddle from the Italian saddle specialists and has replaced the Tritone model.

The Fizik Mistica's shape is very similar to that of the popular Arione model, the difference being that it features a relief channel and has the nose chopped off. The stubby design has become increasingly popular and is intended to increase comfort when in a TT position by reducing pressure on the perineum.

The Fizik Mistica's relief channel is designed to ease perineal pressure

Stubby saddles are also popular with riders who need to conform to the UCI's 5cm rule, which stipulates that the tip of the saddle must be at least 5cm behind the bottom bracket. The vast majority of us (myself included) who ride British time trials under CTT rules and regulations don't need to worry about this though.

The oval carbon rails. There is also a less expensive titanium railed version

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Having been updated from the Tritone, the Fizik Mistica has a new cover with a material that is much more grippy. This is useful as it helps keep you in place when riding on the rivet. Famously Tony Martin once attached sand paper to his saddle to try and keep him in place for the World Championship time trial.

This resulted in him ripping his shorts and some rather unpleasant chaffing. By contrast the tacky covering on the new Fizik Mistica works really well.

Video - buyer's guide to saddles

Previously I have used the Fizik Arione K1 saddle in time trials. The Arione K1 is a more padded version of a standard Arione and although I found it OK in short events, in longer events in the time trial position I was really suffering.

By contrast the Mistica has greatly relieved pressure on my perineum when in a TT position. In terms of positioning, I have fitted it in the same place as the long-nosed Arione K1. Saddle comfort is subjective, but if you are looking for a TT saddle and get on well with the Fizik Arione, this is well worth consideration.

There is also a removable, integrated carriage holder for the rear of the Fizik Mistica. This is intended for triathletes or those doing very long time trials (eg 100 mile+) as it can allow you to mount additional kit such as bottles.

The removable carriage at the back of the saddle is for attaching accesories

Quality of construction is excellent and the Fizik Mistica also comes in two widths for different sized sit bones – my test sample pictured was a regular, but you can also opt for a large. The rail is 85mm long, meaning lots of potential fore-aft adjustment too.

As a premium saddle, the Fizik Mistica has a premium price, but also available is the slightly heavier Kium-railed (titanium alloy) model at £154.99. It's only 30 grams heavier than the carbon-railed version and has the same profile.

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