Selle San Marco Shortfit Supercomfort Racing saddle

A short nosed saddle specifically for women




  • Short nosed
  • Lightweight
  • Gel inserts
  • Extensive relief channel


  • No narrow option available
  • Black only

Price as reviewed:


The range of saddles on the market is mind blowing, but it’s so vital to ensure a comfortable seat, that we’re always pleased to see a fresh option on the market.

Buy now: Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle from Chain Reaction Cycles from £130.49

Shorter than average

Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle

The saddle measures 30mm shorter than average women’s saddles.

Hailing from one of the oldest saddle makers in the world, Selle San Marco, the Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle stands out from the crowd immediately due to, as it’s name sake would allude too, it’s short nose. Measuring just 250mm, it’s about 30mm shorter than a standard saddle. This not only saves in the saddle’s weight department, but also makes the saddle idea for anyone with quite an aggressive riding position, or a time trial position.

It’s not just the diddy size of the Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle that keeps the weight low, the Xsilite, a magnesium alloy, rails also assist in keeping the weight low on the scales.

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Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle

Covered in Microfeel fabric, the padding is a combination of foam and gel inserts.

The Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle nylon carbon fibre reinforced shell is topped with padding that uses a two pronged technique; Biofoam and gel inserts that provide variable thickness, in order to optimise comfort in areas of the saddle that come into contact with the pelvic bones.

The Sweet spot

When actually on the bike, sitting in a casual riding position, so on the hoods for the most part, the saddle did well at it’s job of providing support and relief. I found the extensive cut out relief channel in the Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle, measuring 30mm wide, was sufficient for comfort, while still providing enough support at the edges, while the padding found the sufficient sweet spot, which can be a tricky balancing act when it comes to women’s specific saddles.

Pitched at all cyclists, from sub two hour bike riders to endurance adventure riders, it’s a stark reminder that it’s not about what sort of cycling you participate in, it’s about what sort of saddle best matches your undercarriage. For me personally, I just found the Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle too wide at the saddle wings. While my pelvic bones feel pain free, the tops of my legs are still throbbing post ride after finding themselves interfered with due to the width.

My ‘sit bones’ (ischial tuberosities) measure around about 100mm apart, which does make me gravitate towards a narrow fit. While this may mean only a handful of extra millimetres on paper, it made a big difference in terms of comfort on every down stroke when the back of my legs were restricted by the wider girth.


The Selle San Marco Short fit Supercomfort Racing saddle is a great women's specific option at a fair price, the width will mean that it isn't going to suit all riders, but if it works for you, then it's a great purchase.


Rails: Xsilite
Shell: Nylon carbon fibre reinforced
Padding: Biofoam with Gel inserts
Cover: Microfeel
Size: 250mm x 144mm
Weight: 197g
Colour: Black only