Specialized Romin Pro saddle

Designed for those who ride in a more aggressive position, we got to grips with the Specialized Romin Pro saddle




  • Light weight
  • 30 day exchange available if you're not satisfied


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Curve near the nose caused discomfort

Price as reviewed:


  • The Specialized Romin Pro saddle’s profile, like the Fizik Arione, is designed for those with lower riding positions. The cutout is designed to keep pressure off your nether regions when you sit forward in a more aggressive position. The saddle is available in three widths, to accommodate variations in sit-bones.

    Carbon rails keep the weight down to a svelte 163g — unusually low at this price point .

    The padding, described by Specialized as ‘Level 1’, is minimal and we felt the harshness of the road, and were acutely aware of bumps and other small imperfections. It results in a very connected feel, and while some people like that, others may want to opt for comfort.

    The saddle’s side profile features a slight curve, creating a rise towards the nose that caused discomfort when sat forward. This was amplified by the minimal padding.

    You can apply all the Body Geometry and sit-bone measurement you like, but the only way to see if a saddle truly suits you, is to try it. Specialized recognises this and consequently offers 30 days to exchange your saddle if you not happy with it — a great idea.



    Weight : 163 grams
    Rail : Carbon fibre
    Sizes : 143mm, 155mm, 168mm
    Colours : Black, white

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