Supacaz Ti Ignite saddle review

Get your sunglasses on, Supacaz is not known for holding back

Supacaz Ti Ignite
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The best saddles are comfortable saddles and in this respect the Supacaz Ti Ignite is one of the best. However that comfort doesn't come cheap and the fact that it only comes in pretty loud colours means it might not be for everyone.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Build quality

  • +

    The looks!

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    A little weighty

  • -

    No plain colours for shrinking violets!

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The Supacaz Ti Ignite saddle was selected for an Editor's Choice award in 2020. This year's list contains 78 items which scored a 9 or 10/10 with our tech team - this gear is the best of the best, and has received the Cycling Weekly stamp of approval. 

When a company is founded because the owner is fed up of dull and boring cycling kit then you kind of have a good idea what to expect and this is definitely the case with Supacaz.

If you've heard of the brand you might also know that it supplies quite a few World Tour teams with its products, predominately bar tape. Supacaz is most definitely a brand to aim for if you want your bike to stand out from the crowd; which is why I jumped at the chance to test the Supacaz Ti Ignite saddle.

Okay, we'll come onto the looks of the saddle shortly but first let's look at the tech. The Ignite is Supacaz's take on the modern short and stubby saddle. It's not as truncated as other 'short' saddles and still has a fairly classic shape and proportions. There's a pronounced kick up towards the rear of the saddle and the side 'wings' wrap low around the body.

This model also has a pressure alleviating channel and large cut out. Supacaz claim the Ti Ignite is a unisex saddle and it is also available in 143mm and 155mm widths for added fit options. Finally as the name suggests the Ti Ignite has hollow titanium rails, a feature that reduces weight but should add a bit of welcome flex.

This perch has more padding than most race saddles and the thumb test reveals plenty of squidge but with a good level of support; I can attest to its effectiveness after completing plenty of hard miles on it so far.

Supacaz calls its foam padding Kush and I would concur with this name. The support is just about right for endurance riding and it doesn't suffer from foam compression as much as other equally soft saddles I have tried. It also remains comfortable when riding 'on the rivet' thanks to an equally well padded nose section.

The seamless and featureless PU top layer also has a hand in this comfort. Even though I was concerned that the slick surface would be slippery in wet conditions it has held me firmly in place without a squeak.

The only downside to all this comfort is the Ti Ignite isn't the lightest saddle on the market at 250 grams for the 143mm version on test.

How to choose the right saddle for you

Finally: appearance. This is the Oil Slick version and it features an iridescent top layer patterned with Supacaz's logo and colour flip round profile titanium rails. There are another twelve colour schemes to choose from, most of which feature bright or day-glo colours. The most understated option is a silver and black version but even that is unmissable in itsmetallic tones. If you want plain black look elsewhere.

The Oil Slick version is also a little more expensive at £160 rather than £148 for other colours.

Supacaz is quite a rare brand on these shores, especially with regards to its saddles. Fret not though, there are plenty of stockists that should be able to get you one if, like me, you love the looks and the comfort.

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