Assos Sturmnuss Knicker review

Assos Sturmnuss Knicker
(Image credit: Cycling Weekly)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

I’d suggest that if you put style over performance these aren’t for you, but for truly wet rides I can think of nothing I’d rather ride in.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    No issues with flapping

  • +

    Snug fit

  • +

    Great waterpoofing

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the most stylish

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Sturmnuss is quite a departure from the norm for the average cyclist and certainly isn’t a regular item you see from Assos.

We’re familiar with the concept of a waterproof jacket, and having perfected that (see Symon’s test here), next came the lower half.

Sturmnuss has no pad or insulation, making them ideal to wear over shorts in warmer weather, though as my testing has been restricted to winter days, I wore them over tights with no problems at all.

Designed for wet days, the Triton fabric gives the greatest protection on top of the leg, while different material on the side panel gives the necessary stretch for a good fit. Snug over the kneecap, the thighs are a little loose but that allows free movement, and there were no issues with flapping.

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