Morvelo Stealth Thermoactive bibtights review

Morvelo's lighter winter tights offer great stretch and a fair amount of weather proofing

morvelo stealth thermoactive bibtight
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A versatile and protective pair of tights offering great value and exceptional ride comfort. Only let down by the loose fit around the middle.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +

    Pad comfort

  • +

    Performance across milder conditions

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Waist panel is a little loose

  • -

    Not ideal for freezing conditions

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The Stealth Thermoactive bibtights aren't the most weatherproof in Morvélo's range, that accolade falls to the Stormshield option. What they do offer is a bit more versatility and a temperature range that will see them getting far more use than the thickest of winter tights.

The Stealth in the name denotes the colour scheme, in this case almost all black barring a couple of little white M markings on each thigh.

Morvélo use a thin but surprisingly warm SuperRoubaix fleece backed fabric for the majority of the garment. Only the upper part of the bib tips a nod to breathability by utilising a mesh type material to allow some moisture movement.

The Stealth Thermoactive offering can be differentiated from many tights thanks to a distinctive multi-panel construction and Morvélo's use of overlocked stitching on the outside as well as the inside. This approach should add a degree of longevity and durability to the life of the tights. The fabric has also been treated with a water resistant DWR coating to add protection against road spray and rain to increase protection even further.

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Inside the Stealth Thermoactive tights sits Morvélo's super comfy, Italian made chamois. This is nicely padded and extends around the front a little more than some others. In the most part it stays in place nicely and really cannot be faulted for all day comfort.

The cut and fit is pretty good overall but I did feel the main panel extending around the midriff and to the crotch was a little too loose fitting. Whilst this is better than it being too tight (especially after Christmas) it did look a little ugly and meant the front of the pad could be pulled out of place a little too easily. Quite odd when the rest fitted so well.

Performance wise the Stealth Thermoactive could not be faulted. Unlike thicker winter tights the feeling is almost unrestricted under pedalling and allows you to ride almost like you're in shorts again.

It's important to know that these aren't what I would class as 'deep' winter tights. I certainly wouldn't choose these first if the temperature is hovering around zero, the initial thermal protection isn't as good as something like the Endura Pro-Sl. But the better breathability enables you to work harder without overheating when the mercury rises and it also extends the temperature range in which these can comfortably be worn into late autumn and early spring.

The ability to stop cold spray from engrossing on the lower legs is also very good although the DWR coating will wear off after multiple washes so be aware that you will need to reproof at some point.

Buy now: Morvélo Stealth Thermoactive bibtights for £62.99 from ProBikeKit

The final real positive of the Stealth Thermoactive tights is the price. These come in at a considerable amount less than many other premium brands and that is most certainly a good thing.

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