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Score 7


  • Covers older equipment as well as new
  • Good section on hub gears


  • Layout not as clear as some rivals
  • Fairly basic


Bicycle Repair, Rob Van Der Plas


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This product is featured in: Bicycle maintenance books: Seven of the best.

Now, if we were to do the unthinkable and judge a book by its cover we’d assume from the look of the chap on the front that this one was published in the early Eighties.

It actually dates merely from 2007. It has to be said, it’s a rather basic manual, briefly covering the parts of all types of bikes, focused on maintenance rather than repair as the title suggests.

The layout isn’t the clearest, although it does include both pictures and diagrams.


It's a decent option for those with older technology, as it doesn't ignore previous standards that have become largely obsolete. Surprisingly detailed information on hub gears.