Eclipse Endurance inner tube review – 35g light and (so far) reliable

A very light inner tube that would complement your dream-build bike, if you're willing to pay for it

An Eclipse Endurance inner tube on the scales, with the scales reading 35g
(Image credit: Jack Elton-Walters)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you’ve got the money and you want to save a few more grams off the weight of your best bike, these tubes will do the job. They’re hard-wearing and ride well.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very light

  • +

    Retain their shape well when inserted in a tire, so should mean less chance of pinching

  • +

    Eclipse offers peel and stick patches if you get a puncture

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Some loss of pressure when bike is left for a while, more so than ‘normal’ tubes

  • -

    Whatever the benefits, that’s a fair bit of money for an inner tube

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It’s difficult to subscribe too closely to weight saving on every element of a bike when you could reduce overall weight by losing more off yourself than any carbon seatpost or – in this case – mega-light bike inner tube could ever save on a bike-and-rider’s combined weight. A heavier, regularly ridden bike will always make a better rider than a never touched dream build.

Even so, we as cyclists are suckers for the latest fad, and here are some very light inner tubes. They’re so light, in fact, that they showed a lower weight on my scales than advertised by the brand: 35g vs 44g (but interestingly, 44g including the box). This way round rarely happens, most products I review are at least a little bit heavier than the manufacturer claims.

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Eclipse Endurance inner tube
Price£26 (as reviewed) but varies by type and valve
Weight35g (as measured)
Row 2 - Cell 0 Row 2 - Cell 1

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