Wolfpack Road Race tyre review

We take a look at German upstart brand Wolfpack's entry level road tyre

wolfpack road race
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A fast rolling and surprisingly puncture resistant race tyre. Hopefully we will see a wider range of sizes and tubeless options coming soon to increase the appeal.

Reasons to buy
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  • +

    Puncture protection/durability

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Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No tubeless option

  • -

    Only available in smaller widths

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Wolfpack has probably slipped under your radar in terms of tyre brands but this little German company has some clout behind it and its tyres are currently used by Team Astana.

It's founder Wolfgang Arenz has spent more than twenty years developing rubber compounds for some of the best tyre companies in the world, including bringing Continental's revolutionary Black Chilli compound to the market. So he knows a thing or two about what makes a good tyre. Wolfgang has taken this knowledge and created 'his most advanced compound yet' in the shape of Wolfpack's ToGuard revolutionary rubber.

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The Road Race tyre is the entry point into Wolfpack's three tier road range with a cotton version and tubular sitting above it. It uses a nylon carcass of unspecified TPI (threads per inch) and like the other two tyres is only available in a 24mm or 26mm width. I have been testing the larger volume 26mm for this review, it measured an actual width of 27mm.

wolfpack road race

The Wolfpack Road Race has a distinctive tread pattern that is supposedly aerodynamically led. Tyre wear has been superb - this rear tyre has seen 300+ miles with very little evidence of damage.

I tested the fitment of the Wolfpack Road Race tyres to a couple of different wheels to see if there was any issues and was pleased to see that the fit was spot on. The tyre proved to be a nice snug fit without requiring multiple tyre levers to get on or off the rim. I finally settled for using the tyres on a nice set of Prime RR50 wheels. It as to be noted at this point that Wolfpack do not offer the Road Race in a tubeless version which I was a little disappointed about but hopefully that will come in the future.

I set the 26mm versions to 75psi front and 80psi rear (I weigh 74kg) and took them for an initial test and I have to say that the tyres impressed. I forgot that I was using untested tyres and absolutely hooned it into a couple of downhill corners with absolutely no squirm or understeer. The profile on the rim was excellent and the low-set, wrap around tread was even with no hint of a shoulder that could cause a lack of grip. It doesn't feel as out-and-out fast as a Vittoria Corsa or Continental GP5000 but its rolling speed is none the less impressive. The cotton carcassed version supposedly offers less rolling resistance so this might be a better option for a race specific tyre.

Buy now: Wolfpack Road Race from Wolfpack Tyres for £44.99

As most riders will attest the weather has been pretty atrocious so I have spent the best part of a few hundred miles on wet and very mucky, debris strewn roads whilst using the Wolfpack Road Race and I am yet to suffer a puncture, in fact the tyres are looking pretty free from any damage. This has to be down to Wolfpack's ToGuard rubber compound which has been designed to provide all-over puncture protection that stems from the rubber itself and not a belted insert like on other tyres. Not only does the system work, it also makes the tyre feel much more performance based than a proper puncture resistant tyre so this is definitely a good thing.

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