Wahoo Kickr Move review - comfort boosting potential, but it's not for everyone

A good option for those who remain seated when riding indoors, but not great for high power and out-the-saddle efforts

Wahoo Kickr Move on a yellow background
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Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Wahoo Kickr Move is a good option for quite a specific user. Costing $300.00 / £300.00 more than the non-moving (but otherwise identical) Wahoo Kickr V6, there are full sized rocker plates which are available for a similar price - or a fair chunk cheaper, depending on discounts. Then again, the Kickr Move is easier to store than a full sized rocker plate - plus the fore/aft movement is much greater than what you get on cheaper rocker plates, and does increase the comfort when riding in the saddle. On the flipside of that greater range of movement from the Kickr Move means that riding out of the saddle feels unnatural and as though your watts are being wasted. It might be the case that the Wahoo Kickr Move will suit you well - but there are several scenarios where the non-moving version makes more sense.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Subtle and natural movement riding in the saddle

  • +

    Improved comfort

  • +

    Excellent power accuracy and max power

  • +

    Wi-Fi, ANT and Bluetooth connectivity

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Unnatural lateral movement

  • -

    Unrealistic feel under power or out the saddle

  • -


  • -

    Size and weight

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A necessary requirement of an indoor trainer is that it needs to attach onto the bike. Not only does this take something away from the feel of riding outdoors, it can also lead to discomfort when a rider is stuck in one position in the saddle. 

There have been a few attempts to add movement into the system to improve comfort and feel, adding rocker plates is probably the most well-tried of these. In the Kickr Move, Wahoo has gone about things differently, integrating the movement into the trainer itself with the launch of the Wahoo Kickr Move. How well is this executed? And how does the Kickr Move compare to the best smart indoor bike trainers

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Rachel has been writing about and reviewing bike tech for the last 10 years. Cynical by nature, Rachel never really trusts the marketing hype and prefers to give products a mighty good testing before deciding whether they're worth buying or not. 

Rachel's first riding love is mountain biking where she's been European and UK 24hr Champion on more than one occasion. She's not just confined to the trails though and regularly rides - and occasionally races - on gravel and road too.