Velox Tubasti rim cement




  • One tube does two wheels
  • Good consistency
  • Keeps tubs firmly in their place


  • Not much at this price

Price as reviewed:


If, like us, you’ve been struggling with the stringy, thin consistency of Continental’s ubiquitous tubular glue for years, then today is a good day!

Tubasti’s rim cement is awesome stuff, with a texture like chewing gum. One 25g tube has enough to give your wheels four layers – two per rim – and this is more than enough to get the job done.

Used sparingly and spread over the rim with a toothbrush, the first layer doesn’t seem to be absorbed by the rim as is normally the case, so the second layer is the last


Tubasti is now our preferred glue - it's quicker, cleaner, simpler and stickier than anything else we've found.